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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Reliable & Efficient

Clean Maxx USA offers ultra effective tile and grout cleaning services to the residents and businesses in Miami.

 We look forward to restoring your grout and tiles without you having to endure long hours of scrubbing with no guarantees of success.

No one desires to shower in a mildewed and stained tub, or have stained tiles in the kitchen, and with our tile cleaning Miami services, you can restore the looks of your tiles to make them look as good as new. Say goodbye to ugly tiles and grout 

Clean Maxx USA Promises 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Clean Maxx USA is offering 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our tile cleaning Miami and grout cleaning Miami services. This is just a demonstration on how keen we are to offer you with the best services, and in case you are not satisfied in any way, we will be willing to issue back a full refund. However, it won’t get to that point, because for the last four decades, we remain the most trusted tile and grout cleaning Miami Company.

Grout cleaning

Grout cleaning

Simple but Effective Tile and Grout Cleaning Miami Process

For effective and efficient results, Clean Maxx USA uses a simple yet very effective tile and grout cleaning Miami process whenever you need our services. Here are the process details:
When you get in touch with us our technicians will review the area and the extent of cleaning required before giving you a written quote on the cost of the project.
Once you agree on the quote we show up for the task where we start by vacuuming the tiles using oscillating scrub brushes to remove the nasty grime.
We then follow up with powerful tile and grout cleaners to safely and effectively eradicate stains and ground-in dirt from your tiles.
After that, we roundup the cleaning process with high pressure rinse to clear all the debris and rinse the detergent.
Finally, all you have to do is allow a few hours for your tile to dry completely before the furniture or the household items are moved back.

Well Trained Experts in all Aspects of Grout Cleaning

What makes our tile and grout cleaning Miami services different from the rest is that our cleaning crew comprises of well trained experts with the knowledge and the experience needed for effective grout cleaning. Unlike the other companies, our crew is not random guys picked up from the streets and given brushes to scrub.

They are well conversant with various aspects of tile and grout cleaning and have the versatility to clean all kinds of tiles including but not limited to travertine, slate, Saltillo, brick, marble, and granite amongst other types of stone tiles. We also have the versatility to clean up all types of tiled surfaces, ranging from countertops to walls, bathtubs surrounds, shower stalls and any other surface which may be covered with tile and grout.

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